Beach Vibes

Highly compact and extra light Beach Accessories paying homage to life and timeless emotions

Made in Italy

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The brainchild of a publicist, Milan based Beach Vibes is a Beach Accessories collection offering eye-catching Towels, Kimono, bags and an assortment of Home Accessories made in ultra microfiber and offered in a wide range of shapes and colors, graphic designs and prints. Always on trend, Beach Vibes’ strong feel for fashion is highlighted by a “Made in Italy” stamp of approval.

Caterina Pancotto

The founder Caterina Pancotto, is the owner of First Comunicazione Agency. Responsible for managing, creating, and testing a wide range of successful communication strategies for companies, brands, and public figures.

First Comunicazione Agency

Thanks to her experience and knowledge in the world of fashion, Caterina launched "Beach Vibes" naming it after the motivating factor in one of her big projects: Vibes! She developed the line only using ultra microfiber, an innovative material that lends itself beautifully to creating a collection with multiple shapes, and a strong focus on functionality and trendy designs.

What is Beach Vibes

Beach Vibes is a collection of Beach Accessories: Beach Towels, kimonos, Bags and Accessories all made of ultra microfiber. Beach Vibes stands out as it is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, which guarantees its high manufacturing Quality.

There are also many advantages in using Vibes: saving space, as it is a highly compact product; save energy in washing and drying it, thanks to its lightness.

Beach Vibes is a mix of style, quality and trend, it expresses a strong charge of Positive Vibration and for this reason it is having a Good feeling with the public.


Beach Towel

A beach towel by Beach Vibes is the beach towel par excellence. Large enough to wrap the sunbed completely, super light, thin, shaped for functionality, sand resistant, and so surprisingly soft to the touch. Very absorbent, each piece holds the pleasures of the beach. All thanks to the ultra microfiber. The fabric’s unique properties, both technical and stylistic, make these accessories an unprecedented "must have". The beach towels are printed on both sides and are individually shaped, with different graphic options, and a unique feel.


The beautiful Kimonos are also made using ultra microfiber — super absorbent, light and ideal for after a bath or shower. They can be worn at home, in the gym, at the spa, or for an aperitif with friends or at the beach. Fashionable, slim and easy to carry with you, they come folded in a matching pouch. The kimonos are equipped with a comfortable cup and hair dryer for a total star beach look. The Kimono, cap and pouch weigh 350gr, and are available in a single size.


The large Bags are printed both inside and outside with attractive graphics and bright colors, and are easy to wash. Ideal for the sea, shopping, the gym, swimming pool and leisure time, outfitted with a tear-proof pocket on the inside. These big bags are a real resource for the fashion conscious woman or the supermom — an essential accessory to complete a total look, and only weighs 350gr.


The original ultra microfiber Round beach Towel is printed on both sides. Very large, light, soft, and colorful, it’s the perfect excuse to invite friends for some extra fun. An ‘outside the box’ fashion accessory, it can also be used at home as a yoga mat, tablecloth, or sofa cover.

Customize Your Ideas

With customization options for beach towels, kimonos, Bags and all Accessories, and multiple dimensions, colors, shapes and logos.